Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502 Manual PDF Download

The Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502 is a versatile and efficient incubator designed to hatch a variety of eggs, from quail to larger poultry like ducks and geese. With its accurate digital thermostat, automatic egg-turning system, and spacious interior, this incubator offers an ideal environment for successful hatching.

Download Digital Sportsman Cabinet Incubator 1502 Manual PDF

Key Features:

  1. Digital Thermostat: The incubator is equipped with an accurate digital thermostat that displays temperature and humidity levels on an LCD screen, ensuring precise control of the hatching environment.
  2. Automatic Egg Turning: Three turning racks automatically rotate eggs to promote even heating and embryo development. The turning process is controlled electronically for convenience.
  3. Hatching Tray: The bottom of the incubator features a hatching tray, allowing for a seamless transition from incubation to hatching without the need for additional equipment.
  4. High-Quality Construction: Constructed from a durable high-strength plastic board, the incubator is well-insulated, quiet, and easy to clean, providing a stable and hygienic environment for eggs.
  5. Complete Package: The incubator comes with a digital command centre thermostat, turning racks, a plastic hatching tray, a moisture pan with wick pads, and sample paper egg trays for various egg sizes.


ManufacturerGQF Manufacturing
Part Number1502
Item Weight145 pounds
Product Dimensions30.25 x 15.75 x 31.75 inches
Item Model Number1502
Item Package Quantity1
Batteries IncludedNo
Batteries RequiredNo

Safety Precautions:

  1. Ensure the incubator is placed on a stable surface to prevent tipping.
  2. Keep the incubator away from water sources and moisture to avoid damage to electrical components.
  3. Use caution when handling eggs to prevent breakage and contamination.
  4. Disconnect the power supply before performing any maintenance or cleaning tasks.

How to Use:

This is how you can use this incubator. Make sure you read everything carefully because the devil is in the details.


  • Place the incubator on a level surface in a suitable location.
  • Connect the power cord to a standard electrical outlet.
  • Fill the moisture pan with water and insert the wick pads.

Loading Eggs:

  • Use the provided egg trays to load eggs into the turning racks.
  • Ensure eggs are positioned with the pointed end down for optimal incubation.

Temperature and Humidity Control:

  • Use the digital command centre thermostat to set the desired temperature and humidity levels.
  • Monitor the temperature and humidity readings on the LCD screen regularly.

Egg Turning:

  • The incubator will automatically turn the eggs at regular intervals to promote even heating and embryo development.
  • Verify that the turning racks are operating correctly.

Hatching Duration:

SpeciesHatching Duration
ChickenApproximately 21 days
DucksApproximately 28 days
ParrotsVaries (typically 18-30 days)


  • Clean the interior of the incubator regularly to remove any debris or residue.
  • Inspect the electrical components for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Replace the water in the moisture pan as needed to maintain humidity levels.
  • Store the incubator in a dry and well-ventilated area when not in use.


  • If the temperature or humidity levels are not within the desired range, check the thermostat settings and ensure proper ventilation.
  • If eggs are not hatching as expected, verify the quality of the eggs and adjust the settings accordingly.
  • Contact customer support for assistance if any issues persist.

Important Note:

Follow all safety instructions and guidelines provided in this manual to ensure the safe and successful use of the incubator.

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