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The Little Giant Digital Circulated Air Incubator with Automatic Turner is a high-quality incubator designed for hatching various types of eggs. With its durable construction, digital control board, built-in fan, and large egg capacity, this incubator provides an ideal environment for successful hatching.

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Key Features:

Here are some key features of this manual

Quality Construction

Made of durable, warmth-retaining styrofoam with an LCD and LED light. Includes an automatic egg turner to prevent the yolk from settling to one side.

Digital Control Board

Features a digital control board for easy, one-touch temperature setting with self-regulating temperature control. Holds set temperature within one degree.

Built-in Fan

Circulates warm air to maintain the proper temperature. The built-in digital hygrometer measures humidity, while water channels reduce humidity loss to improve hatch rates.

Safe Design

The redesigned plastic heater is cooler to the touch than traditional metal heating elements. Mesh plastic screen has no sharp edges for human and chick safety.

Large Egg Capacity

Can hold up to 41 large chicken eggs with the included egg cups in the turner. Egg cups are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.


BrandLittle Giant
Item Weight0.01 Ounces
Capacity12 Fluid Ounces

Usage Instructions


  1. Place the incubator on a stable surface in a suitable location.
  2. Connect the power cord to an electrical outlet.
  3. Ensure the incubator is clean and free from debris.

Temperature and Humidity Control

  1. Use the digital control board to set the desired temperature.
  2. The built-in fan circulates warm air to maintain a stable temperature.
  3. Monitor humidity levels using the digital hygrometer.

Egg Turning

  1. Ensure the automatic egg turner is properly installed and functioning.
  2. The egg turner rotates eggs regularly to prevent the yolk from settling.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  1. Regularly clean the incubator and egg turner to prevent the buildup of debris.
  2. Remove and clean egg cups as needed, ensuring they are dishwasher-safe

What is the Hatching Duration?

AnimalIncubation Period
ChickenApproximately 21 days
DucksApproximately 28 days
ParrotsVaries (18-30 days)

Uses of the Incubator

The following are some of the uses of this incubator


Hatches a variety of egg sizes, including large chicken eggs, with accessories such as egg turners and quail rails.

Brooding Equipment:

Provides the essentials for maintaining the right temperature for chicks and creating a suitable space for them.

This is what the customers are saying about it

  • Customers appreciate the ease of use and enjoyable hatching experience provided by the incubator.
  • Some customers have reported issues with durability and temperature accuracy, as well as mixed results with hatch rate, performance, and value.

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