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The Sailnovo 20 Eggs Incubator is a digital automatic egg turner incubator designed for small to medium series of egg incubation. With its user-friendly operation, stable temperature distribution, and automatic egg rotation feature, this incubator provides an ideal environment for hatching poultry eggs.

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Key Features:

The following are the key features of this incubator.

Digital Automatic Egg Turner:

This incubator can hold 20-60 eggs for incubation and automatically rotates the eggs every 2 hours to improve the hatching rate.

Easy Operation:

The LED display enables temperature setting and simple operation, providing important information on temperature, humidity, hatching, and egg turning time. The induced airflow system driven by a strong circulating fan ensures stable temperature distribution.

More Functions:

Includes an egg candle for observing egg development, external water top-up feature to avoid temperature fluctuation, over-temperature & humidity alarm to protect eggs, low noise, low power consumption, and more.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

The incubator is easy to assemble and suitable for breeding poultry eggs. Each incubator is tested before shipping, and customer support is available for any questions or concerns.


  • Capacity: 20-60 eggs
  • LED display for temperature and humidity
  • External water top-up feature
  • Automatic egg turner with auto-stop function
  • Low noise and low power consumption
  • Durable hard plastic outer shell

Usage Instructions:

Read these before you start using this incubator.

Temperature & Humidity Display:

  • Set and monitor the temperature to a precise degree using the LED dashboard.
  • The integrated fan circulates air for a consistently stable environment.

Automatic Water Addition:

  • Ensure the water bottle is full of water to avoid frequent lid opening, which improves the hatching rate

Auto-Stop Egg Turner:

  • The built-in egg turner flips eggs every 2 hours, automatically stopping egg turning 3 days before hatch to avoid excess turning

Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • After use, clean and dry the incubator promptly.
  • Priority should be given to using a liquid thermometer for accurate temperature and humidity readings.

Hatching Durations:

  • Chicken: Approximately 21 days
  • Ducks: Approximately 28 days
  • Parrots: Varies depending on the species, typically between 18-30 days

Safety Precautions:

  • Place the incubator on a stable surface away from water sources.
  • Handle eggs with care to prevent breakage and contamination.
  • Disconnect the power supply before cleaning or performing maintenance tasks.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Sailnovo offers a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that each customer receives a quality product and reliable customer support.

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